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"I live to flourish. Fellow human, how about you?"
Rosie von Lila

7 Ingredients for Human Flourishing by R. von Lila 

Everyone has the opportunity to: 

1. meet basic needs healthfully with dignity


2. create belonging


3. access the forms of care essential to flourishing


4. earn an education that nurtures curiosity and passion


5. be creative and solve meaningful "puzzles" in life and community


6. endeavor and achieve in meaningful ways


7. be a contribution in personally meaningful ways


You can choose to make
your flourishing the purpose of your life. 

Flourishing can be the purpose of every business, economy, and governance structure. 


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learn about human flourishing​

What is human flourishing? 

Biologically speaking, every living being exists to flourish before we languish and perish.

To flourish is to cultivate your excellence as a human being.



You are flourishing when most of the areas of your life are working sufficiently for you according to you, and you've developed the skills for resilience to navigate adversity.

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"Rosie has her finger on the pulse of

what's next for humanity."

Riane Eisler

bestselling author

The Chalice and The Blade

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It's time for mass human flourishing.

Storyteller Rosie von Lila’s métier is human flourishing. A multi-disciplinary artist, 

Rosie writes and creates theatre, video and audio, and visual artworks to bring people together and communicate a love of human flourishing and what academic research teaches us about the subject.  

Rosie weaves together the wildly unexpected from her professional experience: nearly a decade working in Wall Street finance, a long history of working with Burning Man globally, and engaging the US Army, Navy, and Marines with her framework on participatory culture. 


Uniquely, Rosie is one of the world's rare historians of Burning Man culture and philosophy, having worked directly with Larry Harvey and all of the Burning Man founders; as such, she was featured in Steven Kotler’s and Jamie Wheal's Stealing Fire. Rosie is a protegé of Riane Eisler, whose canon on partnership and domination systems informs Rosie's thinking and realistic optimism about human flourishing. Rosie’s talent is bringing people together through compelling and magical storytelling that expresses a passionate love for Life. 

"The energy, honesty and enthusiasm that Rosie brings to the audience are what conference organizers dream of seeing. She literally had them dancing in the aisles!"
Rebecca Croll 
Chief Content Officer
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"There is no long-term mass human flourishing without planetary flourishing."

- R. von Lila 

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Theatre & Audio Creations:

  • 2024: Developing Fellow Human: a play on mass human flourishing, for production in NYC 2025

  • 2022: Co-host, 100 Days of Human Flourishing on Clubhouse

  • What Comes Now, podcast on books and leadership, covering all things that bring people together and pull us apart

Rosie wrote a framework about stakeholder engagement. People around the world have taken interest in it and it's been a blessing to share it in many countries. 

The von Lila Framework is the powerful catalyst to foster engagement and participation toward liberty and flourishing for all. 

The Framework was written through research spanning the globe, and 25 years of generating participatory culture, working with Burning Man, and studying what goes into making highly engaged creative cultures.


“Simple. Elegant. Powerful. The von Lila Framework starts with the right questions.”

Duleesha Kulasooriya

Head of Strategy and Research

Deloitte Center For The Edge

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Experience from which Rosie draws inspiration: 

  • Rosie has been invited as a guest to the U.S. Pentagon multiple times, and as a guest lecturer at the U.S. National Defense University

  • Two time international TEDx speaker: Norway on "Human Engagement", and Bhutan on "The Complexity of a Good Life" (on behalf of Burning Man HQ)

  • Podcasts! Rosie created WHAT COMES NOW

  • Fun fact: Rosie has attended Burning Man 20 times and has worked with Burning Man headquarters for over a decade. She has served as a correspondent for Burning Man LIVE, and is a historian of Burning Man culture and philosophy

  • You can no longer find her speaking her mind on Twitter because she deleted her account... along with Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Cheerio, Infinite Scroll!   

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