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"Many talk about building The Future. The future lives in imagination. What we have is Right Now. You can create human flourishing now, starting with yourself. Practice flourishing in this moment."  


Rosie von Lila

Upcoming Events


"HUMAN FLOURISHING ON THE RADIO"  3 Events Only!!! A special radio-style event hosted by Rosie von Lila on Clubhouse with music, guests, and musical guests! 5pm-7pm ET /  October 16, November 20, December 18, 2022

Quantum Leap! January 1, 2023 -- Rosie will host her annual, by-invitation 30 Day Reset of Whole 30 X The Miracle Morning™. The waitlist opens here October 15, 2022. 

Recent Past Events:

Burning Man: Community Conversation on Human Flourishing with Burning Man Cultural Co-Founder Harley K. Dubois, August 30, 2022 

Burning Man: Community Conversation on Creating Durable Community through Building Things, with Burning Man Cultural Co-Founder Will Roger, Burners Without Borders, and David Fulton, September 1, 2022  

Keynote Comedic Storytelling Performance at Volcano Innovation Summit 2022 - Antigua,  Guatemala, September 11, 2022

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"Rosie is phenomenally persuasive and real. You will become a better person in her company."

Chip Conley

Bestselling author, iconic hotelier, Founder: Modern Elder Academy

100 Days of Human Flourishing

In 2022 we committed to hosting 100 Days of Human Flourishing on Clubhouse. What an experience! We had many people who tuned in every day for the sessions. Listen to a choice selection of those conversations below: 


"Rosie has made a resounding, lifelong impression on senior level officers and executives of the Department of Defense."

Commander David Leiker

United States Navy

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A Brilliant Storyteller


"The energy, honesty and enthusiasm that Rosie brings to the audience are the kinds of things conference organizers dream of seeing. She literally had them dancing in the aisles!"

Rebecca Croll, StartupFest Chief Content Officer


Meet Rosie