"The energy, honesty and enthusiasm that Rosie brings to the audience are what conference organizers dream of seeing. She literally had them dancing in the aisles!"
Rebecca Croll, Chief Content Officer, StartupFest 


It's time for mass human flourishing.

Rosie lives for speaking with people as a voice for what's possible now.

Joyfully unconventional, Rosie weaves together the wildly unexpected: a long history of working with Burning Man globally, Wall Street finance, and engaging the US Army, Navy, and Marines.

Prior to pursuing her life's work of Mass Human Flourishing, Rosie served as a board member of a prestigious US national finance organization advocating for diverse and women investment fund managers in the institutional investment industry. She is an avid public equities trader, and holds a certificate from MIT on Blockchain Technologies and Business Innovation. Rosie is an advocate for regenerative economies and political systems. Uniquely, Rosie is one of the world's rare historians of Burning Man culture and philosophy -- as such, she was featured in Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal's Stealing Fire. Rosie is also a protegé of Riane Eisler, whose work on partnership and domination systems informs Rosie's thinking and realistic optimism about humanity's future. 

"Rosie has her finger on the pulse of what's next for humanity."

Riane Eisler

bestselling author of The Chalice and The Blade

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Rather than see Purpose as a component of flourishing, see Flourishing as your purpose. 

What does a world of mass human flourishing look like?

It looks like all people having the opportunity to:

  1. meet their basic needs with dignity
  2. earn an education of their choosing
  3. do work that is meaningful to them
  4. be creative and solve meaningful "puzzles" in their life and community
  5. have access to care, mental healthcare and physical health care
  6. be a contribution in the world in ways that are personally meaningful to them

"The Promised Land is mass human flourishing."

Rosie von Lila 

Rather than see Purpose as a component of flourishing, see Flourishing as your purpose. 

The Maker and The Unmaker:

Maké and Unmé

Transforming culture from domination to partnership and regeneration requires new mythic stories. Central to Rosie's model on creating mass human flourishing is the story of The Maker and The Unmaker. Meet Maké and Unmé. 

"There is no long-term mass human flourishing without planetary flourishing."

Rosie von Lila 

Experience from which Rosie draws inspiration: 


  • Fun fact: Rosie has attended Burning Man 19 times and has worked with Burning Man headquarters since 2013 - she currently serves as a correspondent for Burning Man LIVE, and is a historian of Burning Man culture and philosophy
  • Rosie has been invited as a guest to the U.S. Pentagon multiple times, and as a guest lecturer at the U.S. National Defense University
  • Two time international TEDx speaker: Norway on "Human Engagement", and Bhutan on "The Complexity of a Good Life" (on behalf of Burning Man HQ)
  • Podcasts! Rosie created and hosts WHAT COMES NOW (magical link right here!) 
  • You can find her speaking her mind on Twitter @rosievonlila

Where Rosie's Spoken and Delighted Audiences

Where Rosie's Spoken and Delighted Audiences

 Press & Writings

 Press & Writings

Rosie interviews leading minds across industries and interests in discovery of Human Flourishing








"Rosie has made a resounding, lifelong impression on senior level officers and executives of the Department of Defense and Federal Government."

Commander David Leiker, United States Navy


“Simple. Elegant. Powerful. The von Lila Framework starts with the right questions.”

Duleesha Kulasooriya

Head of Strategy and Research, Deloitte Center For The Edge



“Rosie von Lila is eloquent, visionary, practical and funny. She’s all together one of a kind with her limitless energy and boundless enthusiasm.” 


The Honorable Dennis Kucinich,

former U.S. Congressman





Leadership and Imagining Humanity's Future

Leadership and Imagining Humanity's Future