Hi, I’m Rosie.


Everything I do is about speaking with people. My life's work is to create an ongoing Love Letter to Humanity that inspires people to fall in love with Life and Creating, such that mass human flourishing is inevitable. 

I've worked at the intersection of high-powered finance, public policy, and Burning Man (true story!). I'm passionate about people loving their money, Burning Man culture, and quitting the American caste system such that every person can have the opportunity create flourishing in their life. 

Prior to pursuing my life's work of mass human flourishing, I served as a board member of the Bay Area Council, and New America Alliance, a national organization advocating for diverse and women investment fund managers. I have a mega passion for investing in the public stock market.

I've been meditating daily for 7 years, I create art every day, and am a practitioner of The Miracle Morning®, and a big fan of the Whole30® food reset. 
























Outside the World of Money, I guide people through programs that make massive life transformation possible. 


I created the Quantum Leap! and Women’s Team personal transformation programs. 











I started What Comes Now, a show about books and leadership, covering everything that brings people together or pulls us apart. 

What Comes Now LIVE is an event series of interviews with amazing leaders who are all people of color from all walks of life.

Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major podcast platforms. 
















I wrote a framework about stakeholder and constituent engagement. People around the world have taken interest in it and it's been a blessing to share it in many countries. 

The von Lila Framework is the powerful catalyst to foster engagement and participation toward liberty and equity for all. 

The Framework was written through research spanning the globe, and my 21 years of generating participatory culture, working with Burning Man, and studying what goes into the making of highly engaged creative cultures.


“Simple. Elegant. Powerful. The von Lila Framework starts with the right questions.”

-Duleesha Kulasooriya

Head of Strategy and Research, Deloitte Center For The Edge

Download The von Lila Framework










Even if you never thought it possible, you can have a great relationship with your money. Through my wild journey from near bankruptcy to avid investor, I've learned how to break free from money ignorance, and make money work for me. I lead the day-long Your Income Generation Game seminar for those who are ready to stop surviving and begin flourishing financially. Not only is it fabulous and freeing...it's FUN! 

Here are some highlights from which I draw inspiration to share with audiences around the world: 

  • Fun fact: Rosie has attended Burning Man 19 times and has worked with Burning Man headquarters since 2013 - she currently serves as a correspondent for Burning Man LIVE, and is considered a historian of Burning Man culture and philosophy
  • Rosie created The von Lila Framework for Stakeholder Engagement, through which she has been invited as a guest to the U.S. Pentagon multiple times, and as a guest lecturer at the U.S. National Defense University.
  • Two time international TEDx speaker: Norway on "Human Engagement" (The von Lila Framework), and Bhutan on "The Complexity of a Good Life" (on behalf of Burning Man HQ).
  • Podcasts! Rosie created and hosts WHAT COMES NOW (magical link right here!), focused on books, leadership, and everything that brings us together or divides us. 
  • Rosie leads Human Flourishing programs on food, money, business, and relationships. 
  • Rosie is a practitioner of The Miracle Morning and a member of the 5 AM Club, and is a champion of the Whole30 food reset. 
  • She is a graduate of the University of San Francisco, and was the commencement speaker at her graduation where she shared with the audience of Jesuit priests about the time she snuck her boyfriend into the Girls' dorm in a refrigerator box. 
  • You can find her speaking her mind on Twitter @rosievonlila.