Transform your relationship to food, open your creativity, and be more productive!


Make the Quantum Leap! to start your summer off powerfully...

Next opportunity to feel amazing starts September 14, 2021

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The Promises of This Program

If you do this program as designed, at the end of five weeks you'll feel better, have more energy, and your mind will be clearer.

You will have made discoveries around your relationship to food that will have you say, "Ah-ha! I never knew that about myself!"

You'll experience more creativity, discover inspiration around things like generating more income, and you'll experience heightened productivity.

How We Do It

Rosie von Lila will champion you through the Whole30 protocol paired with The Miracle Morning® daily practices to focus your mind and energize your body. (Learn about the Whole30 Program** here)

Week 1: We have a virtual video-call launch meeting for you to prepare to start your Whole30. We cover how to set your kitchen up for success, what a "week of false starts" is (and why the program is 5 weeks rather than just 30 days), and we'll cover the daily practices and the kinds of results they've produced.

Every Day: Rosie sends a personalized text message to you with words of encouragement and an invitation to be in communication with her about how the program is going for you.

Every Day: You'll receive an email with a Whole30-compliant recipe, plus the hacks and Whole30-compliant shortcuts Rosie's discovered to save time and make the program easier.

Weeks 2-5: We have a Zoom gathering on Sundays for an hour to connect about your prior week's experience, and then strategize about the upcoming week. Some meetings we have an inspiring guest speaker, and we hear from our team members on how the program is going for you. It's an opportunity to share where you're struggling and where you're having breakthroughs.

You're not alone in this...

We're doing it together and you have support and encouragement every step of the way!


Let's make your 2021 POWERFUL.



Be coachable.

Be committed.

Be determined.

Be kind to yourself.

Don't quit on yourself.

Don't cheat on yourself.

Money Back Guarantee

If you do the program as designed, and at the end of five weeks you don't feel better and more energized, if you don't experience the promises of this program, you can have your money back. The key is: You have to do the program as designed...No quitting on yourself. No cheating on yourself.


**If you have or have had an eating disorder, diagnosed or undiagnosed, please read this article to determine if this program is right for you.


The Fine Print

Rosie von Lila is not a medical or mental health professional. This program is for informational purposes and is not provided as medical or mental health advice. Every potential participant should do their own research to determine if the Whole30 Program is right for them.  

Rosie von Lila has worked in the asset management industry since 2016. Perpetually entrepreneurial, her career has also included fitness coaching and certified personal training, professional performance coaching for executives, and she previously founded and led an exercise fitness company through which she worked with people around the world (from Japan to Dubai to 23 states across the US) to bring more inspiration, grace, and joie de vivre to their movement and spirit.

Transform your relationship to food, open your creativity, and be more productive!

Let's go, team! 

Early Bird $169 (Ends July 30)
$249 (Registration ends September 7)