NDU Nov 2015

On November 18, Rosie spoke to two classes at the National Defense University Eisenhower School program on Adaptive and Agile Leadership Networks at Ft. McNair in Washington. She presented two sessions on relationship building and network building, as informed by The Von Lila Framework.

Each session comprised high ranking officers from all branches of the U.S. military, with a few business leaders from the private sector. They were engaging, engaged, humorous and entertained, with the highlight of the session being when Rosie compared "How Burning Man is like the U.S. military."

She said, to laughter, "Just like you, we have humvees." The audience laughed more when she said, "I believe our humvees are bigger than yours." 


It's extraordinary to go from the world of Burning Man to the heart of the US defense education and be able to say things like, "What we (all of us who are working for a safer, more just and free world) are ultimately up to is working toward a world where all people have an opportunity to access self-actualization... Where their basic needs are met, they have access to healthcare and education, and are therefore free to explore creating their version of play and beauty in the world."