What Comes Now LIVE Launches 5/30/18

What Comes Now LIVE May 30 Launch

Part of being human is being inspired.™ 

Experiencing ordinary people living extraordinary lives shows us what is possible. When we see "greats" and can see ourselves in them, we find ourselves realizing, "I can do that. I can be that."  Details HERE. 

Through this live speaker series, we amplify the voices Heroes and Sheroes who have achieved greatness and who are also people of color. These leaders are authors, historians or history makers with uplifting stories to tell. 

Through this speaker series, we bring together an interactive audience of young people to have direct access to these great leaders. The idea is to inspire our young people to their own greatness. To have them say, "I can see myself in this person. I can be that. I can do that. I can be a CEO. I can be an inventor. I can tell my story. I can change the world." 

What Comes Now LIVE is a monthly speaker series produced in collaboration with The Assemblage. The series runs May through July 2018, and is recorded for podcast and online video release through What Comes Now* and The Assemblage. Content distribution focuses on reaching youth development organizations across the country and is made available for free to everyone.

*What Comes Now is a podcast show launched in May, 2018. On it, we discuss books and historical works with interesting people, covering "everything that brings people together or pulls them apart." What Comes Now is hosted by Rosie von Lila, who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

The Assemblage is a community-building co-working space and culture hub with locations in Manhattan’s NOMAD and Financial District. The Assemblage is an alcohol-free space. 

Details HERE. 

I'm Back: What I Learned From The Failure of My Company

It's been just over two years since I posted to this blog. I've been focused. After my work with Burning Man and launching The Von Lila Framework, I moved to New York City. Starting in 2016, I was doing what any normal person would do after working for Burning Man: I started building a private equity firm.

For the past two years of my life, I was calling this chapter "From Burning Man to Wall Street." When people would incredulously say, "Rosie, it usually goes the other way... people go to Burning Man and then quit their corporate jobs... Why are you doing what you're doing?" I would reply, "Because we need leaders like me on Wall Street. Because we need more women working in finance. Because we need more women leading companies like Lumera."

If I had the wisdom then that I do now, I do not know if I would have had the same fearlessness. If courage is acting even when you are scared, then wisdom brings with it the need for courage

Building Lumera was an incredible experience. We built a company culture that was powerful and empowering. Fun and sophisticated. Innovative and genuine. Through Lumera I found a calling where I was able to apply my unique skillset to an industry in which I never thought I would work: high powered finance. Being a co-founder, Lumera was an expression of my soul. And it opened the halls of power. Turns out, being able to relate to people, to connect with them authentically, and to share a compelling story are highly valuable skills in business. It also helps if you are resilient (Thanks, Burning Man!) and have no fear of people saying NO and rejecting you.  

We joined the Bay Area Council as a member company, and I was voted onto the Board of Directors. We joined New America Alliance, and I was voted onto the Board of Directors. 

We treated our team members with dignity and respect. I am proud of what we created. I wrote three principles for Lumera:

1) Treat everyone with dignity.

2) Be world-class in what you do.

3) Repeat One and Two. Always. 

It ended up not working out, and I experienced my first big business failure. As I was going through that painful period, I remember telling myself, "Now I know how every entrepreneur who has ever lost a business has felt." At first I was sad. Then I was embarrassed. The phone calls that I was going to have to make... I was dreading those. 

With each call and each sharing, I found a lot of support and understanding. I was given encouragement and words of confidence. What I ultimately learned is this: 

1. When you fail, you're not alone. Many people failed before you and many will fail after you.   

2. Failure is part of life. And it is valuable. It builds character. It gives us empathy for others' failures. It bestows upon us wisdom that we can share when others fall down. 

3. And lastly, failure has taught me this: Mend your wounds, pick yourself up, and Go Again.


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by rosie von lila / seva

I grew up attending Burning Man and living in a culture where strangers are helpful to each other. I’ve spent 16 years participating in the event, and three years working internationally for the Burning Man organization, learning how tremendously adaptable and resilient humans are, and how we can create anything — particularly when we invite others to join us in our endeavors...

Making Digital Education Easy - Fantastic Ways To Learn Something New

More and more, our contemporary idea leaders invite all of us to be artists, storytellers, creatives, makers, do-ers. With access to more information and tools than ever before, many of us (but not all of us, yet) have at our fingertips the resources to develop ourselves into producers of content, builders of networks, and architects of solutions.  

In the spirit of being an empowered creator...