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Rosie has helped me so much. She is amazing, and I am a better leader as a result of her coaching.
— Danielle Beyer, CEO New America Alliance
Rosie is approachable and a great listener, which allows me to be open and vulnerable in our communication.
— Kathyann Powell, Founder Saving Jane


I can help.

You are a BOSS. A badass, powerhouse woman leader. You are an educated, world-class professional and are leading a team in need of a charismatic champion who empowers them to be self-driven, passionate, and always stepping into greater leadership. You are their brilliant champion.

You’re at an inflection point in your career. You’ve stepped into a new role. You’re leading a new team. Or your existing team and organization are ready for a boost of fresh energy and strategy. It’s time to call in reinforcement, someone who’s got your back.

I work with inspiring women who are up to big things. I listen and ask the questions that help you find your own right answers. I bring to the table an experience set that equips us for strategic off-roading — we’re going into the new uncharted territory of your career… it’s a leading-edge conversation of discovery. We’re carving a path guided by your North Star. Together, we map out a way forward for you and your organization.

As a CEO myself, I’ve run companies, built large teams, led direct reports and generated team cultures that are fun, creative, and connected. I’ve built non-profits and for-profits, I speak the language of finance and investors, and I know my way around strategic plans, financial statements and compliance. In addition, I know first-hand how to build creative company cultures that are participatory and inclusive. When I say we’re going off-roading, what I mean is that we’re set to cover a lot of ground together.

If you’re ready to take the leap to grow as a leader, to have your own champion by your side coaching you onward and upward, if you’re ready to build a team with succession in mind and empower more leaders to follow in your awesome wake of extraordinary results, please reach out. I am happy to have a conversation to connect and see if we are a good fit. Please email me here.

With Appreciation,



CEO, Burning Man Project, San Francisco

Non-Profit Executives, New York

Event Operations Director, Burning Man

Fashion Designers, New York

Entrepreneurs, New York & San Francisco


Engagements are customized based on the client’s needs. We typically work together for 6 to 12 months. If we work remotely, then we convene by video call twice per month for 90 minutes, and we have a weekly 20-30 minute check in — with more time provided as needed. If you need some extra time throughout the month, I’m there for you. If you’re based in New York, we generally meet in person, and typically for 1.5-2 hours depending on your needs and schedule.

To get started, we do a 3 hour deep-dive initial discovery session, which takes place on a morning or afternoon in person. If we can’t meet in person, we can do it virtually by video call.

As a client, you have my cell. In addition to our scheduled meeting times, I’m there for you as you need me.