About The Von Lila Framework

The Von Lila Framework was created by Rosie von Lila to inspire people to build a more connected world.

It was written through research spanning the globe from Cairo to the Cape Town flats, San Francisco to Tel Aviv to Cambridge, and beyond. The Von Lila Framework is shaped through Rosie's 18+ years of generating participatory culture, working with Burning Man and studying and honing just what goes into creating highly engaged creative cultures.

About Rosie von Lila

Leader, Speaker, Writer/Producer - The Von Lila Framework & What Comes Now 

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Rosie is a force of nature. When she gets to the end of her life, her legacy will be a body of work that inspires connection, and embodies the Universal Law of Equality. Rosie is a passionate and powerful voice of commitment, and is a woman of action. She speaks around the world on how to increase citizen/participant/human engagement.  

Based in Dumbo in Brooklyn, New York and working frequently in Washington, D.C., the Midwest and California, Rosie advocates for civic participation.

Her message: If you want liberty, equity and justice, you must participate civically and win elections.   

How to get what you want in our country: 

  1. Win elections.

  2. Find leaders who stand for what you believe in and support them.

  3. If you don't see those leaders, BE a leader.

  4. Recommend and promote women to leadership roles.

  5. Encourage women to run for elected office.

  6. Work to get women elected to corporate boards.

Rosie's professional background: From Burning Man to Wall Street. Rosie is passionate about politics and governance, and works as a leadership/management consultant. She is the author of The Von Lila Framework, creator and host of What Comes Now, and was the Founder / Director, Marketing and Investor Relations of Lumera, a private equity and project finance firm focused on public pension-driven infrastructure investment in the United States. She currently serves at the CEO of Saving Jane, a non-profit working in the prevention of human trafficking. 

Rosie serves on the Board of Directors for New America Alliance, a national organization that advocates for Latinx fund managers to have fair consideration in access to capital -- the final frontier of the civil rights movement.  Through her work with Lumera, Rosie previously served on the Board of Directors for Bay Area Council (BAC), the most powerful trade policy advocacy group in northern California, which focuses on economic development and improving transportation infrastructure, workforce housing, and energy and water resources. 

Prior to founding Lumera, Rosie coached and consulted leaders based on her proprietary leadership models that drive participation and loyalty from their organizations' stakeholders. She transforms "individuals", "executives", "teams", "stakeholders" and "customers" into community members. Her research and experience support her philosophy that the most impactful businesses and organizations draw contribution from and deliver benefit to community members. 


Rosie has been contracted and engaged by myriad organizations to improve their member participation, loyalty and shared value: 

2018 Rosie is currently Interim CEO of Saving Jane, a non-profit startup working to prevent human trafficking and transform survivors. 

From 2012-2015 and in 2018 Rosie works with Burning Man to increase coordination and improve relations with domestic and international communities and organizations. 

2015 guest lecturer at the U.S. National Defense University, Eisenhower School, attended by leaders of USAID, the Department of State and high-ranking officers from the United States Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force. 

Invited by the U.S. Department of Defense to deliver her framework for building relationships and human networks at The Pentagon

Invited to attend the United Nations 2015 Informal Stakeholder Hearings of the post-2015 sustainable development agenda. 

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Invited by University of Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business as an idea leader in its 2016 Ireland international summit on Redesigning The World. 

Contributor at How We Gather 2015, an event hosted by Harvard University Divinity School for leaders of 40 international community networks. 

Keynote speaker at Startup Fest in Montreal, 2016. 

Featured speaker at The Conference 2015 in Sweden, one of the premier technology conferences in Europe, on the topic of building social ecosystems. 

Speaker at SXSW Interactive 2015 on citizen engagement and building participatory cities. 

Speaker with Cait T. Clarke (Chief, Defender Services, Administrative Offices of the U.S. Courts) at the Washington, D.C. 2016 Equal Justice Works Leadership Development Training. 



Dear Friends:

  • We are creating a world where every person has the opportunity to be their best.

  • Where every person has access to earn an education that fosters their gifts.

  • Where every person has access to healthcare.

  • Remember: When we all can meet our basic needs, then we all have something to contribute.

  • Humans are powerful.

  • Humans care about each other.

  • We are One Team, and we can still simultaneously belong to smaller tribes and communities.

  • We can change the world together -- all of us -- through work we love.

  • Everyone can contribute, and everyone has something to give.

  • Playful attitudes yield creative and optimal results.

  • Listening is the act of being willing to be contributed to.

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Our More Beautiful World is being built through:

  • Transparency, generosity, inclusion and participation

  • Regeneration: Leaving every place and community improved and vital

  • Resourcefulness, practice, experimentation, adaptability, and resilience

  • Imperfection and human-ness

  • Compassion for imperfection

  • Seeing the unrelenting beauty of the world, and calibrating our minds to look for it

  • Commitment! Action! Making things happen!

  • And making real our collective vision for a world where every human can meet their basic needs and has the opportunity to self-actualize, while our planet is stewarded for our enjoyment and that of future generations

We are in the midst of an unparalleled renaissance. What role do you choose to play? Be a shaper of it? Get on the court, baby! THIS WORLD NEEDS YOU. 

We are a world of Creators. Makers. Inventors... Prosperity is for all of us. 

Darn right, honey.

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